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A New Tradition.

Unique Ice Cream using Natural Ingredients, Churned Traditionally.

I wanted to bring the tradition of ice cream back to families and introducing it to the kids.  Frozen the traditional way,  by combination of Ice and Salt, we add our own little ‘urban’ twist to ice cream.  Forget the common flavours like ‘Rocky Road’, or ‘ Oreoss and Cream’… though they are tasty, we make ice cream you can’t find anywhere else!    Along with our premium Vanilla, Smooth Chocolate, Real Strawberry and other traditional creamy treats, we make unique flavours like ‘Wasabi, Cucumber and Melon’, as well as ‘ Mango Habanero’.    It’s fun seeing the shocked and smiling faces after trying our one-of-a-kind creamy concoctions.

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Ice Cream For Chefs

Serving Chefs is our primary business. They tell us what they want, we churn then deliver. From gourmet flavours to the classics, we provide custom ice cream to all types of restaurants. .

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Where To Find Us.    We Serve to Many Restaurants:

From Locations That Are Local To Afar… Check Where We’re At.

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Words From Customers.    From Vanessa Sommer:

“Everything is what ice cream should be; creamy, fresh and delicious!”

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