Hey everyone,  Adam Brackbill ( Owner ) here.  I am so excited to announce the opening of our new shop in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Urban Churn has been through a wild ride the past couple of years and a lot has been learned. We were lucky enough to push through COVID that has caused damage to the majority of small businesses.   It was literally because of our customers who supported us that kept us moving forward.    I am grateful to get 2021 started by informing everyone that by this late Spring, Urban Churn will be opening a new shop in Mechanicsburg, PA as well as reopening the original shop in Harrisburg, PA.

What’s New?

The company is currently going through a major transformation.  I have joined handshakes with an investor who will be contributing to the growth of the company financially and offering valuable guidance via experience.  (More information about that will come soon.)  Also, if you haven’t noticed, our logo has changed!  Thanks to a designer named, Alyssa Martin, we are now running under new flags.  Regarding the menu, we will be offering a unique set of desserts.  From ‘Espresso Affogato’, ‘Bourbon Banana Split’, to our original ‘Lemon Bar Sundae’, everything you will enjoy; we made.   We are installing a commercial oven to make our own cookies, brownies, lemon bars, and more.

I have so much to share, but more updates will be released over time.

If you want to follow along, join us on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of this small business.  Urban Churn would not be here without you.

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