About Us

About Us:

Ice Cream tends to bring smiles to the faces of all ages.  It brings families together, creates happiness and can also be used to bring people together for ‘socials’.  That’s only a few reasons why Urban Churn is in business.  Ice Cream has been around for ages.  I wanted to bring the tradition of ice cream back to families and introducing it to the kids.  Frozen the traditional way,  by combination of Ice and Salt, we add our own little ‘urban’ twist to ice cream.

In the summer of 2013, I noticed so many people in Harrisburg PA complain how there weren’t many ice cream joints.  Other than Hershey’s Ice Cream, the selection was limited.  I thought, ‘yea, it’s so easy to make ice cream, why isn’t this a thing here?’.  For my family have made ice cream for our family gatherings for centuries.  Every time someone said how they wished they could get some ice cream, I thought about my family. I remember Grape Nut ice cream made by my Great Uncle on a hot summer day at my Great Grandmother’s cottage.   They used the classic hand cranked churns and when electric churns became available, we upgraded to them.

I eventually put the two and two together… why not bring my family’s tradition here to Harrisburg.  I could revive the traditional way on making ice cream, but make it more fun.  Crazy flavours, like Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream, or Maple / Bacon / Waffle Ice Cream!  This, to me was a no brainer.  So since then, I stepped forward and went after my new found goal.  Though, when someone asks me what I do for a living I, with a shy voice, tell them I make Ice Cream… for who my age owns or creates and sells ice cream for a living?  But none the less, I can make people smile, and enjoy what I create.  That’s a huge motivation.

How We Make Ice Cream

Ice cream can be made many ways.  Modern creameries use stainless steal equipment and an electronic freezing method.  We make ice cream the traditional way.  Originally ice cream was made by freezing from the combination of salt, ice and being churned by hand.   The following steps are how we create ice cream:

  1. Mix ingredients. (Heavy Milk, Guar Gum, Butter Fat, and any Natural Ingredient we want)
  2. Pour ingredients in a tall metal tub.
  3. Place dashers (mixers) in metal tub.  The dashers are paddles that are in the metal tub which mixes the ice cream.
  4.  Place metal tub in Oak Barrel.  The oak barrel was hand crafted by the Amish in Lancaster, PA
  5.  Fill the Oak Barrel with Ice.
  6. Once filled with Ice pour salt.  The salt and ice combined is what freezes the mix.
  7.  Turning the machine on will mix the dairy.  In 30 mins the dairy mix will be frozen thus creating our ice cream.
  8. Package – We hand package each container straight from the metal tub and freeze for an additional 8-12 hours.

Our method of making ice cream creates unique texture, taste and flavour.  We’re excited to bring the traditional way of making ice cream back!

What Makes Us Different?

Right away, what makes us different is how we make our ice cream.   However, our ingredients also differentiates us from other ice cream manufacturers.  We don’t use ingredients that one wouldn’t know how to pronounce. We also use real flavouring.  Want Creamy Raspberry Ice Cream?  We make Creamy Raspberry ice cream with real raspberries.  We heat raspberries up with sugar, let cool with lemon juice until it becomes a close consistency of jelly and add it to the dairy.   We churn in small batches with personal attention to each batch.  Our ice cream stands out from other manufacturers with more unique flavours, quality ingredients and traditional churning.  I hope you enjoy what we have to offer!

Love the chocolate Guinness and vanilla combo!

Lynda Goldstein