About Urban Churn

Unique. Natural. Craft.

Urban Churn is an ice cream company that use all natural ingredients and local produce to churn unique ice cream flavours that one may not find elsewhere. Our flavours and desserts are inspired by family history, recipes and multi-cultural foods. Our full dessert menu offers many ways to incorporate ice cream such as our 'Banana Bourbon Split' or our house made 'Lemon Bar Sundae'. We look forward to serving smiling faces once we open our new shop!

Our History

From concept to creation, Urban Churn carries family tradition & shares it with others.

During my childhood, family members would gather at my Great Grandmother's cottage to celebrate special events. My Great Uncles would bring their old wood churn, ice, salt and a dairy mix to make homemade ice cream. This was a staple dessert for us after cooking pit BBQ Chicken. With this fond memory in mind, I decided to carry my family's tradition of making ice cream, bring it to Harrisburg and open an ice cream shop.

Meet The Owner

Adam Brackbill - Owner, Churner

Since a child, Adam has had an entrepreneurial spirit. On the road to find a calling, from web development to landscaping, he eventually landed on churning ice cream. Reminiscing on the Summer days of his family's churning of ice cream, he wanted to bring that tradition to Harrisburg. Inspired by his family's recipes, recipies from other cultures and the importance of real / local ingredients, Adam now churns unique ice cream flavours that one may not find elsewhere.

Our Goals

Personal Connections, Transparency and Supporting Local

As a small business, personal connections and transparency with customers are important. We like to think of ourselves as a neighborhood ice cream shop. To be involved with communities, schools, programs and events are important to connect with those around us. We would like you to follow along with us as we grow through trials and wins. Partnering with dairy and produce farmers are also a key goal for Urban Churn. Based on what the season offers, we partner with local farms to buy produce. From Apples to PawPaws, our ice cream will always have quality, local ingredients.