About Urban Churn

Unique Flavours and Real Ingredients.

We churn our own unique flavours that you may not be able to find elsewhere by using all-natural ingredients from local farms, when possible..

A Humble Ice Cream Shop

About Our Shop.

Our small brick and mortar ice cream shop is a humble one. During typical ice cream season we offer unique desserts that aren't easily found. Every Monday I receive dairy and churn flavours fresh. I rotate 16+ different flavours on the board almost every week. Because of COVID, however, we're serving pre-orders and scoops from the door; no indoor seating is available at this time.

Family History and Fueled Motivation

Our Story

Ice Cream tends to bring smiles to the faces of all ages. It brings families together, creates happiness and can also be used to bring people together for ‘socials’. That’s only a few reasons why Urban Churn is in business. Ice Cream has been around for ages. I wanted to bring the tradition of ice cream back to families and introducing it to the kids. Frozen the traditional way, by combination of Ice and Salt, we add our own little ‘urban’ twist to ice cream.

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Traditionally Churned with Real & Local Ingredients

What Makes Us Different?

Right away, what makes us different is how we make our ice cream. We churn in small batches with personal attention to each batch via our hand-built, Amish Churns. The ice cream is frozen by the combination of Salt & Ice then hand poured into dairy containers. Our ice cream consists of natural ingredients such as mint tea, basil, bananas, melons and more! If we can use natural and local ingredients we will, no compromise! Our unique flavours, quality ingredients and traditional churning separates us from those other creameries.

Freeze with Salt and Ice.

How We Make Ice Cream

Ice cream can be made many ways. Modern creameries use stainless steal equipment and an electronic freezing method. We make ice cream the traditional way. Originally, ice cream was frozen by using the combination of salt, ice and churning by hand. We use that same method, however, instead of hand churning the ice cream, we use an electronic motor in a hand-built Amish churn.

Our method of making ice cream creates a unique texture, taste and flavour. We’re excited to bring the traditional ways of making ice cream back to kids and adults alike.