Easter Egg Ice Cream Pre-Orders.

Early Bird Special Order To Pick Up.

Pre-Orders are now available for our most popular flavour of the year; Peanut Butter and Coconut Easter Egg Ice Cream!  I know it may seem early, however, we are launching pre-orders now because Easter is early this year and we anticipate having to churn over 600 orders ( roughly 300 gallons ).  Pickups start on March 18th.


Choose which of the Easter Ice Cream flavours that you would like to order.

Pick A Date.

When choosing a flavour,  pick a date when you would like to pick up your order.


When you arrive, TEXT our number with your order number. We’ll be out to hand you your order.


You will receive a reminder via email and/or text when it comes closer time to pick up your order.

Early Bird Special:

When you buy between now and the end of January, receive a special discount per order!