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A New Year, A New Urban Churn! We’re finally doing it… opening a shop in Midtown Harrisburg, PA.  Dedicated to serving anything that revolves around Ice Cream.  In-house waffle cones, real affogatos, 12 crazy flavours to choose from, root beer floats, ice cream sandwiches and more!  But to make this happen we need your help!

New Location Funding

by Adam Brackbill

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Harrisburg, PA, United States (US)

Adam Brackbill

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Campaign Story

Why We Exist:

In the summer of 2013, I noticed so many people in Harrisburg, PA grumbled about how there weren’t many ice cream joints.  Other than Hershey’s Ice Cream, the selection was limited.  My family has made ice cream for our family gatherings for ages.   Every time someone said how they wished they could get some ice cream, I thought about my family.  I remember Grape Nut ice cream made by my Great Uncle on a hot summer day at my Great Grandmother’s cottage.  They used the classic hand cranked churns and when electric churns became available, we upgraded to them.

I eventually put the two and two together… why not bring my family’s tradition here to Harrisburg.

Our Growth:

Urban Churn opened in 2014 behind the Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg, PA.  We sold our ice cream in the cinema and eventually partnered with other restaurants.  At this time, we were using small wood style churns and would take an hour to make 6 gallons.   In 2016, we made a deal with a National Franchise called ‘Aroogas’.  This partnership was a leap for Urban Churn, so we moved to a warehouse to handle the demand for space and equipment.  Now, we have the capability to churn 300 Gallons within 8 hours.

Fast forward to today… After a few years of churning, we’ve learned so much and have made some changes.  The warehouse we were in ended up being too large for what we truly need, so I’ve set out to find a new location for us to churn.   During this transition, I realized a retail space made sense.  We could both churn wholesale and provide ice cream to our fans on a regular basis.   So, here we are settling on a location in Midtown Harrisburg, and anxious to get started.

Our New Location:

Our new digs will be at 1004 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg PA.   It’s a perfect location that is close to the Capitol, a walking distance from plenty of wonderful restaurants (so you can come here for dessert.), and we will be able to both churn and sell in the same place.

We will be offering:

  1. Real affogatos using local beans. ( Hot Espresso brewed over a scoop of vanilla ice cream).
  2. 12 different flavours. 10 will be staple flavours you can be sure to get any time you want, 2 will be rotating specials.
  3. Traditional Root Beer / Special Soda Floats
  4. Unique Ice Cream Sandwiches
  5. Sundaes, and rotating original desserts
  6. Milkshakes
  7. To-Go Pint Containers & Quarts
  8. Our famous baklava ice cream sandwiches
  9. Coffee, & Baked Goods ( That will also go well with a scoop of ice cream)
  10. Plus More!

A Sneak Peak Of Our New Space:

What We Need & Challenges:

To start off strong, we’re looking for support for this new shop.  We’re looking to do it right, so that this will be a wonderful space that everyone will enjoy visiting.

To create the ultimate Urban Churn shop, here’s what we are planning to add:

  1. TV Menu Board
  2. Painting Materials, New Lighting and Plumbing ( The place needs to be redone so it is welcoming and to maximize efficiency).
  3. German Style Long Tables and Benches for a family experience.
  4. 12 Flavour dipping cabinet
  5. Misc Refrigeration, tables, and equipment to create unique desserts
  6. Affogato Machine and tools.

The challenges are primarily the cosmetics and rewiring / replumbing the location.  We expect this will take some time to ensure everything is where it should be so we are efficient.

We Need Your Help:

We succeed because of folks like you.  Urban Churn moves forward because of all of the support we’ve received.  We need your help.  To open the storefront on a high note, we need to meet our funding goal.  To do that, we launched a crowdfunding campaign where you can support us monetarily, but receive something in return.  Our campaign offers ‘Rewards’ which are perks that correlate to a certain dollar amount.  When you choose a perk, you will help us raise money to achieve our goal.

You also have an opportunity to simply support our business by backing anonymously.



Support with $5 and we'll send a sticker and a Thank You Letter! Thanks for your support!

February, 2018

Estimated Delivery
3 backers


Support with $25 and receive an Urban Churn t-shirt and a sticker!

April, 2019

Estimated Delivery
2 backers


Support with $50 and we'll churn 3 gallons of any custom flavour you want!

April, 2019

Estimated Delivery
9 backers


Support with $100 and you can claim 1 free pint every month for a year + stickers + 1 gallon of a custom flavour and a t-shirt.

April, 2019

Estimated Delivery
13 backers
37 rewards left


Support with $200 and we'll host a churning event for you and 2 others. We'll invite you and your family/friends to our new churning facility where we'll show you all how to churn any two flavours you'd like. Each of you will walk out with 1 gallon of both flavours churned plus a hat.

June, 2019

Estimated Delivery
2 backers
3 rewards left


Support with $250 and we'll invite you and one other to our soft opening in March ( Up to $25 Free From Our Menu.) You and your friend will also receive 2 free pints every month for a year, a t-shirt and 1 gallon of a custom flavour.

March, 2019

Estimated Delivery
1 backers


Support with $500 and you will be listed in our 'Founders' Club. This is the ULTIMATE reward for supporting us. You'll receive the following...
1. T-shirt
2. Receive 4 (four) free pints/month for 1 year
3. We'll churn and sell a custom flavour of your choice for two weeks.
4. Your name will be on a gold plaque on the 'Founders Wall'.
5. Receive 10% discount every order for a year.
6. Receive 2 gallons of a custom flavour you'd like.
7. You and one other will receive an invite to our soft opening in March.
8. Receive monthly give-a-ways.

March, 2019

Estimated Delivery
1 backers
19 rewards left
  • We've started updating

    We have started updating the place! Tearing up the floors was not an easy task. Plus we added a fresh coat of paint. 

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Lawrance Binda $100.00 January 17, 2019
Melinda Bricker $100.00 January 17, 2019
William Gallagher $100.00 January 16, 2019
Nicholas Cooley $100.00 January 15, 2019
Andrew Enders $50.00 January 15, 2019
Lauren Maurer $50.00 January 15, 2019
Caitlin Copus $100.00 January 15, 2019
Erik Johnson $100.00 January 12, 2019
Sol De Jesus $250.00 January 12, 2019
Anonymous $2,000.00 January 11, 2019
Scott Moulton $25.00 January 10, 2019
Jessica McCummings $50.00 January 09, 2019
Debbie Beutler $50.00 January 08, 2019
Victoria Land $20.00 January 08, 2019
Richard Abel $50.00 January 08, 2019
Elizabeth Dunlevey $100.00 January 08, 2019
Alysia Wilson $25.00 January 08, 2019
Bruce Weber $200.00 January 08, 2019
Anonymous $100.00 January 04, 2019
Brandon John $100.00 January 02, 2019
Lawrence Valerio $50.00 January 01, 2019
Susan Bailey $100.00 January 01, 2019
Denita Schreier $100.00 December 31, 2018
Melody Evans $20.00 December 30, 2018
Susan Brubaker $50.00 December 30, 2018
Brian Mendelssohn $200.00 December 29, 2018
Keith Edwards $100.00 December 29, 2018
Keith Edwards $0.00 December 29, 2018
JULIET ALTENBURG $50.00 December 28, 2018
Laura Barta $50.00 December 28, 2018
Ruth Ritchie $100.00 December 28, 2018
George Hopkins $5.00 December 28, 2018
Anonymous $1.00 December 28, 2018