Homemade Hot Chocolate For Events

Looking for a warm treat for your coworkers, party attendees, employees etc?  We’ve got you covered.  Offer some of our special homemade hot chocolate.

This isn’t your fake-powdered instant hot cocoa.  We heat up whole milk, evaporated milk, sugar and REAL cocoa from around the world in a pot, the homemade way.

Choose your flavour(s) below, the date you’re looking to pick up and we’ll give you a call to confirm with a quote.

Chocolate From Around The World
Great For Small – Large Gatherings
100%  Real, Rich Cocoa Used

Let’s get started!  Fill out the form below:

  • Reference: 8oz cup serving: 1 gallon serves roughly 25 people.
  • *** Hot chocolate orders can be prepared and served in 48 hours or more. Please give at least 24 hours for a confirmation from one of our staff members. ***