Three Ways To Order

Whether you’re pre-ordering pints, taking a walk in the city, or just driving by, we have multiple ways to enjoy a frozen treat.

1. Weekly Pre-Order

Pre-order pints for a quick pick up.  Pre-orders typically open Sundays and close Wednesday for pickups Thursday – Saturday.  When you pre-order you can skip the line of customers, receive discounts and choose from exclusive flavours that may not be available for scoops in our shop.

2. Walk-Up

Want to take a nice stroll in the city and enjoy the weather?    A menu will be available outside for you to choose from. Once ready to order, let us know by ringing the doorbell.  One of our keepers will be out to take your order.

3. Mobile Order

Craving that scoop and a cone but don’t want to leave your car?  No worries!  When you arrive at our shop, you can order via your mobile device.  We’ll prepare it on the spot then bring that scoop to you!  Click Below To Get Started.