Our Story

The Cottage

In the summer of 2013, I noticed so many people in Harrisburg, PA grumbled about how there weren’t many ice cream joints. Other than Hershey’s Ice Cream, the selection was limited. My family has made ice cream for our family gatherings for ages. Every time someone said how they wished they could get some ice cream, I thought about my family. I remember Grape Nut ice cream made by my Great Uncle on a hot summer day at my Great Grandmother’s cottage. They used the classic hand-cranked churns and when electric churns became available, we upgraded to them.

Getting Started

I eventually put the two and two together… why not bring my family’s tradition here to Harrisburg. I could revive the traditional way of making ice cream, but make it more fun. Crazy flavours, like Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream, or Maple / Bacon / Waffle Ice Cream! This, to me, was a no-brainer. So since then, I stepped forward and went after my new found goal. I now make people smile, and enjoy what I create. That, itself, is a huge motivation.