Banana Chip

Early Bird Special:

Hey friends!  This week we are announcing and pre-selling our first round of Vegan Ice Cream!  We have been working hard on recipes so that we could offer everyone who either do not like, or cannot handle dairy, a delicious frozen treat!

Banana Chip:

This flavour is as simple as it gets.  We simply use bananas and coconut milk along with chunks of Dairy-Free chocolate to create this mouth watering, healthy treat.  Go ape over it.  It’s smooth, creamy and packed with banana taste.  It’s almost like eating a frozen smoothy!

We DO NOT use Soy or Almond Milk.


We are pre-selling half gallon to gallons of our three vegan flavours, which will NOT happen very often!  So, as they say, ‘early bird gets the worm’.




Pre-orders end Weds April 18th.  

PICKUPS will be at the Broad Street Market.

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