Christmas Subscription

From: $10.00 / month for 6 months

Pint Subscription Gift

 Give The Gift of Ice Cream, Monthly.

A Unique Gift

Can’t think of what to get your friend, family member(s) or signficant other? Get them something you know they’ll love – Ice Cream! Send pints of ice cream monthly to their door.

Pickup Or Delivery

Every month,  if you choose, we will send drivers to deliver the  pints that were churned just for your recipient to their door, or they can stop by the shop to pick up.

Downloadable Gift Card

After you sign up, you will receive an email to download a 4×6 gift postcard.  You will be able to print this postcard to give to your family member or friend for Christmas.

Partnered with Pros

We work with POSTMATES INC to deliver the pints. We will schedule a pickup based on the day/time that works best for the recipient and the drivers will be on their way!

How Does This Work?

Not sure what to get your friend and/or family member for Christmas?  Tired of running out to the store, waiting in long lines?  Just get them the gift you know they’ll enjoy; Ice Cream!   Every month, your friend and/or family member will receive pints of Ice Cream that’s churned specifically to the preferred taste.  When you fill out the brief form below, Urban Churn takes the information and will know what flavours to send out.   Forget the common ice cream flavours that are found at any store, we churn unique batches and will send what we think the recipient will enjoy. Finish your shopping now!

* Subscription starts January 8th

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    You have the option for the recipient to pick up their pints or have it delivered.  A delivery fee is assessed if chosen.

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    Step 1: Select Recipient's City:

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    ***Is the city you're looking for not listed?  That may be because we aren't personally delivering past the cities listed above.   If you are looking to ship pints,  please CONTACT US today.

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    We only call to confirm delivery times & address.

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    (We will send some ice cream that kids tend to enjoy)

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    List all allergies below:

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    Anything you would like to mention that could help us send the right ice cream?

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    You can now proceed to check out.

    Once you finish checking out, you'll receive an email with a 4x6 card that you can print to give to the recipient of this gift.  Pint subscriptions start on January 8th.

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