Cranberry Thanksgiving Special

Bring the winning dessert, cranberry ice cream, to your festivities!

We take real, whole cranberries, soak it in our dairy for 5 hours exactly.  We heat a stockpot with cinnamon sticks and cranberries, sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt and create a cranberry sauce.  Halfway through churning the cranberry soaked dairy, we introduce the sauce.  The result is a super creamy, yet deliciously tangy cranberry ice cream that everyone will be raving about.    It’s perfect with pumpkin pie or any other thanksgiving desserts/dishes.

Pickup schedule:

  • Pickups:  Pickups will be at our shop at 1004 North 3rd Street Harrisburg pa 17102.  Dates for pick-up start on November 15th and run through the 24th. We will contact to send a reminder of your ice cream availability and to pick it up.
  • If a delivery is required we will deliver on case by case basis no further than a 15-mile radius of Harrisburg City with a varying fee.

Pre-orders end November 15th.  We are limited on what we can provide so be sure to order yours today!

Every order is packed in 1/2 gallon containers unless you request bulk sizes.

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