Dark Soul Pint Pre-Order

We’ve heard you loud and clear.  Dark Soul Dark Chocolate ice cream was a hit!   We will have this flavour as a staple in our dipping cabinets in December, but for now, we’re offering pre-orders of pints!  We have limited quanity of pints available at a time, so pre-order yours now for quick pickup before we sell out!

Pre-Order to secure your pint.  Available to pick up now, during business hours!

All Natural

We only use natural ingredients, prepared in-house with no artificial colouring or flavours.

Our Dairy

We use 16% butterfat local dairy from cows happily grazing in their grass-filled fields.

Just Churned

We receive dairy and churn weekly. Freshly churned ice cream makes a difference!

Small Batches

We churn our ice cream with passion, care and in small batches. It's truly a craft.