Fall Canned Peach With Spice, Sage & Feta

peachThis one is a doozy!   We use homemade-canned peaches, add them to a stockpot and puree.  While the peaches are heating up, we stir in fresh sage leaf, whole farm eggs, cinnamon sticks, a dash of nutmeg and sugar.   Once the mixture is steaming for 30 mins, we slowly introduce it to the dairy while it’s churning.  After the mixture has been added to the dairy, we add a bit of feta cheese to balance the flavour.  The heated eggs make the ice cream smooth, rich and creamy.  They also marry the feta, spices and tart peaches together.




Pickup schedule:

  • Pickups:  Pickups will be at our shop at 1004 North 3rd Street Harrisburg pa 17102.  Dates for pick-up start on November 15th and run through the 24th. We will contact to send a reminder of your ice cream availability and to pick it up.
  • If a delivery is required we will deliver on a case by case basis no further than a 15-mile radius of Harrisburg City with a varying fee.

Pre-orders end November 15th.  We are limited on what we can provide so be sure to order yours today!

Every order is packed in 1/2 gallon containers unless you request bulk sizes.

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