Grapefruit Brûlée

Early Bird Special:

Hey friends!  This week we are announcing and pre-selling our first round of Vegan Ice Cream!  We have been working hard on recipes so that we could offer everyone who either do not like, or cannot handle dairy, a delicious frozen treat!

Grapefruit Brûlée

This treat is bursting with flavour!  We’re excited to offer something truly unique, you won’t find anywhere else.  We take cut and squeeze whole grapefruits and add Caramelized Raw Sugar along with coconut milk and cream of coconut.  Enjoy it for breakfast, or as a midnight snack.  This also naturally contains Vitamin C, Calcium and more.

This flavour won’t be made often, so act fast!

We DO NOT use Soy or Almond Milk.Enjoy!

Pre-orders end Weds April 18th.  

PICKUPS will be at the Broad Street Market.

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