Ice Cream Club


Ever since I can remember, my family churned ice cream with old machines, salt and ice.  It was a prized dessert at every family gathering.  I churn now, because of my family's churning history.  I proudly churn by keeping that tradition alive and sharing it with everyone.   When we opened, we had the support of so many folks.  In fact, it's safe to say that I wouldn't be churning if it wasn't for everyone's positive comments and getting to see faces light up after tasting something unique.  You all directly support and affect this small business.  With that said, Urban Churn is glad to announce a new  'Churn Club'!

'Churn Club' is a monthly membership subscription for all you ice cream lovers and Urban Churn fans.  Every month, you'll receive something special.  From free pints of ice cream to Urban Churn t-shirts, you'll get something as our way of saying 'Thank You'.

Monthly Mail & E-mail packages include:

  1. Every month, receive a free pint!
  2. Receive Exclusive Monthly Discounts and Giveaways such as free milkshakes, $ off scoops at our stand in the Broad Street Market + much more!
  3. Free Merch!  (In 4 months of being a member you'll receive a free Urban Churn T-Shirt. 8 Months of being a member, receive a Urban Churn hat.   Every 4 months, you'll get something new!)
  4. On Your Birthday, get 1 half gallon of any flavour you want, free.

Limited Time: Get $5 off your monthly membership. Expires Weds. July 25th!
Cancel any time you'd like.  All items are good for our Broad Street Market location.

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