Nationally Famous Sauerkraut Ice Cream... Now Available!

The German tradition is to eat Sauerkraut for the New Year to bring good luck and wealth.  Well, why not do it in the form of ice cream?

We are about to ring in the new year with the 5th year anniversary of churning and selling our nationally famous ‘ Sauerkraut Ice Cream’.  Aired and published by national news and publishing articles around the country, we loved to read and listen to the public’s thoughts.

Does it really taste like Sauerkraut?  Well, yes and no.  If you bite into a whole piece of kraut you’ll have that familiar taste, but there is a little science behind this flavour.  When introducing the Sauerkraut’s fermented brine ( which contains Lactic Acid) to the dairy,  the dairy will turn into buttermilk.  Thus, the taste of our Sauerkraut Ice Cream isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Want to bring luck to your New Year?  We have pints available to pre-order for pickup at both of our locations!  Give your friends, family or yourself a try at this flavour and be prepared to ring in the new year of 2022.

Scoops & To-Go Pints are Available at Both Mechanicsburg & Harrisburg, PA Locations!

– What Folks Around The Country Are Saying –

Philly - Daniel Craig

f you're not a fan of the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day for good luck, then the following concoction will probably make you nauseous. If you do like it, there's still a chance to try a variation of this unusual pairing.

KSBY NewsCalifornia's Central Coast News Station.

For example, people from German ancestry usually eat sauerkraut, but one ice cream shop in Pennsylvania may have taken the tradition a little too far. - Isadora Baum

The Pennsylvania Dutch, for example, pair it with pork for the holiday as part of their New Year's good luck foods. It's only fair, then, to celebrate it this week on hot dogs, burgers, and perhaps even in a pint of ice cream. (Gross? Perhaps. Real? Yes.)

NBC KNDO / KNDUWashington State News Station

"To each their own, but the idea of that makes my stomach sick."

Jenn W.Facebook Post

"WTF is wrong with ppl?"

Karen KFacebook Post

White people stop, this is a food crime!!!

George L.Facebook Post

This was suprisingly awesome! Taste like buttermilk.

Brian RFacebook Post

I never thought I’d say this...But sauerkraut ice cream is INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!! Urban Churn for another solid win.

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