I know, I know.  The thought of ‘Sauerkraut Ice Cream’ is repulsive, disgusting.  Some even want to call the cops.  But I’m here to tell you… it works!   Urban Churn is all about going ‘beyond the drawn line’ of producing crazy ice cream flavours. We’ve churned ‘Peanut Butter & Pickle Ice Cream’, ‘ Maple Scrapple’, ‘ Breakfast Ice Cream with Bacon, Waffles and Maple Syrup’, and tons more.   Balancing ingredients, choosing the right combination of flavours and marrying the wide spectrum of taste is key to a successfully churned flavour.

Folks share their thoughts on social media about Sauerkraut Ice Cream.

Every year we churn our internationally famous ‘Sauerkraut Ice Cream’.  And when it goes viral online, there are a lot of folks who are totally against the idea.  Most folks think solely on the sauerkraut flavour, and not the result of adding it and dairy together.

The flavour has been aired, shared and talked about all of the United States, Canada, even England.  I guess the repulsive thought of the flavour was the fuel behind this viral flavour.  But as I mentioned earlier, I’m here to convince you as to why this works.


Okay, the science here isn’t too fascinating and definitely not a breakthrough.  This is a prime example of how you can add one extreme ingredient to another to create a nice, well-balanced flavour.

Sauerkraut, when fermented, typically has a PH Level of 4.6 or lower.   To make buttermilk, one must add acidic liquid to dairy.  When you add acid to milk, it curdles and turns to the buttermilk flavour that we all know.  However, for this flavour, we do not want the dairy to curdle.   10 minutes in of the dairy churning, we introduce the sauerkraut brine.  This brine, as mentioned, has a certain PH level.  The reason behind adding the brine while the dairy is churning is so that it will not curdle.  When the dairy is slightly frozen and churning, the dairy will evenly distribute the acidic liquid and will not have time to curdle.   This is the base that we create and later add a few pieces of sauerkraut.   We add more sauerkraut later if the customer asks.

The Taste:

After we churn, you are left with a nice, smooth and tangy buttermilk / vanilla-esk flavour.   Without comparing, folks think it is very similar to a vanilla ice cream.   You’ll eventually get pieces of sauerkraut to give you a nice tangy burst of flavour.


Our customers have been pleasantly surprised.   It’s worth a taste! Again, we are all about balancing ingredients, not going hardcore by leaning to one side of the flavour spectrum.   We will have sauerkraut ice cream available at our shop at 1004 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg PA up until the second week of January.   If demand remains, we will continue to churn.  However, we recommend that you call or check our menu to be sure we have some available.  We do run out at times!

Happy New Years everyone!  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will try to respond.

–  Adam Brackbill.

Adam Brackbill

Adam Brackbill

Owner of Urban Churn. Co-owner of Startup Harrisburg.

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