Want To Sell Ice Cream?

We make and deliver ice cream to restaurants, cafes, bars and more.

Premium Ingredients

We only use high quality ingredients which creates the most wonderful creamy texture and taste. From real fruit, to adult beverages, we don’t use flavourings.

Grow Sales

We work one on one with our vendors to ensure their needs are met. We make each flavour unique for YOU to fit your style of your restaurant, bar, cafe, parlor, and more.

Ice Cream For Chefs

Serving chefs is our primary business.  They tell us what they want, we churn then deliver.  We provide custom ice cream to all types of establishments.

Why Sell Our Ice Cream?

We take pride in what we create. We’re bringing back the ole fashion way of doing things. Urban Churn differentiates itself from other ice cream manufacturers by making ice cream in small batches, using higher quality and healthier ingredients, being very flexible and offering a wider range of unique flavours.

Compared to companies such as Hershey’s, we use higher quality of ingredients and don’t use ingredients one wouldn’t know how to pronounce. We also take pride in how our flavours are more unique. We are able to churn ice cream in smaller batches which means we can create ice cream that compliments your type of style.

Separate yourself from using commonly found ice cream, and offer more unique flavours. Contact us today to see how we can help grow your business.

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