Specialty Pre-Orders

Pre-Order Special Limited Run & Seasonal Ice Cream

Curbside Pick-up

At Checkout, choose what day you would like to stop by to pick up your pints.  We can either deliver it to your car via curbside or hand it to you when you step up to our door.

Specialty Flavours

Specialty flavours are items that we only sell once or twice a year during certain seasons, holidays, or other special occasions.  These are more sought after because of their limited quantities and run.

Skip The Line

Don’t get in line if customers are waiting for their scoops.  When you arrive, TEXT our business number with your order number, we’ll respond when received and we’ll be out shortly to hand you your order.

Choose Your Specialty Item To Pre-Order:

How Does Curbside / Pick-up Work?

  • Curbside:  We are happy to deliver to your vehicle via Curbside Pick-up!  When you arrive at our shop ( 1004 North 3rd Street, Harrisburg PA 17102, simply give us a text at 717-884-9396 with your order number and the make/model/color of your vehicle and we’ll hand you your order
  • Door Pick-up.  We also allow folks to step up to our door.  Someone will ask you for your order number and we will hand you your order.