Hi folks, I’m Adam B, the owner, and churner of Urban Churn. I’ve got a pretty large update for everyone this evening. Some Good News & Changes:

As most of you know, I’m all about business transparency. I am tremendously grateful for everyone’s continued support and patronage. I would be lying if I told you that things were not difficult. These are trying times for a business owner. Adjusting the way we do business and staying on top of changes can be hard. Though, knowing that I can make a product that people may enjoy is a push for me to continue doing what I do. Just a year ago we opened a shop with a very welcoming crowd. Now, just a year later I’m figuring out ways to keep things running smoothly and push through winter.

With that said, the first update I have for everyone is that, sadly, I am officially closing our stand in the Broad Street Market. A good business owner must know when to make certain changes, no matter the difficulty of the choice. We have our shop a couple blocks away from the Market and we relied on tourism as well as a certain volume of local employees to keep the stand sustainable. Because of the financial constraints from these times and the uncertainty of what lays ahead, I had to make the decision to close.

However, through the closure of our stand, I am now able to upgrade the current shop at 1004 N 3rd. ( Second Update) The combined equipment will enable me to improve the shop and centralize it. Instead of 8 flavours, we will have up to 16. New to-go containers will be used and a wide range of smoothies, floats, and sundaes will be introduced. New hours will be implemented and I am also about to launch an in-house built mobile app for customers to order from for curbside pickup.

For now, I will continue to offer pre-orders as well as walk-ups. The pre-orders have been a great success so far, so I thank everyone who has participated. The new changes to the shop will be officially presented to our customers by August 19th.

Time being, please keep your eyes and ears open for further announcements. I’m excited about these new changes and am grateful to be a part of the community that has and continues to support this humble ice cream shop. If you have any questions, concerns etc, please feel free to reach out!