Hi everyone! Adam B (Owner) here… As a small business, I’m all about transparency and keeping everyone updated as we grow.
I want to thank you all for the tremendous support we’ve had over the 5 weeks that we have been open! In 2019, Urban Churn started as a tiny, humble ice cream shop serving only 12 flavors located in Harrisburg. I planned the expansion during covid and opened our Mechanicsburg shop mid-ice cream season of this year. When opening a new shop, one can plan all they want but things can easily change. I never expected the turnout and support that we’ve received every evening. You all are fantastic.
However, through this rapid business growth, and the growth of my family ( Expecting a child any day now) a small business will go through some growing pains. During these tumultuous times, small businesses need to be on their toes and adapt. With that said, to match our growth and meet the demand, we are currently hiring adult part-timers and full-time employees who will be available during both summer and fall/winter seasons and would like to be a crucial part of this growing business.
Thank you all again for this amazing experience and patronage as we continue to grow, learn and improve!