Homemade-ice creamHave you ever wanted to make ice cream, but don’t have a machine to do it?  Well, don’t fret, you still can!  With 1 gallon ziploc bag, and a small to large sized ziploc sandwich bag, and a few other items, you can make ice cream.  This is also a great activity for the kids.


  1. Whole Milk – (1/4 Cup)
  2. Heavy Cream / Or / Heavy Whipping Cream / Or / Half & Half  (2/3 Cup)  My preference is to use heavy whipping cream.  It offers a fluffy, creamy taste.
  3. Sugar (2tbs Sugar)
  4. 1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract.  Here you could also experiment with cocoa powder, or other mixable ingredients.

Step 1: Mix all of the above ingredients into a smaller ziploc bag. Taste the mix and change recipe to how you like it.  (You may need to split the recipe into 2 bags).

Step 2: Once you put all of them in the smaller bag, make sure the bag won’t open or leaks.   We’ll then want to put 4 cups of ice in the larger bag along with 6 tbsp of salt.  You can use any salt.  Some folks buy specific ice cream salt, but there literally is no difference than table salt other than the coarseness. The combination of salt and ice is what lowers the temperature and freezes the dairy to make ice cream.

Step 3:  Shake!  You’ll shake the bag between 10 – 12 mins.  (might want to pass it on to someone else to give yourself a break).

Step 4: (Optional)  – You’ll feel the bag start to harden.  Take note that this ice cream will be a bit more on the soft-serve side.  Most ice cream manufacturers such, as ourself, will put the dairy into a deep freeze for an additional 10 -12 hours.  However, with your batch, it should only take an additional 1 – 2 hours to harden completely.  Enjoy it however you want!


Let us know if you tried this, we would love to see photos!



Adam Brackbill

Adam Brackbill

Owner of Urban Churn. Co-owner of Startup Harrisburg.

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